Recycling and the Pursuit of a Circular Economy

The goals of a circular economy are to use less, waste less, and remain profitable. People, companies, organizations and governments are focusing on changing the way we do things so we use less, throw less away and regenerate more naturally.

Where Can I Take Things that Cohen Does Not Recycle?

At Cohen, if it’s made of mostly metal, takes batteries, or plugs in, we can most likely recycle it. However, there are exceptions and restrictions to this rule of thumb, and there are items and materials that can be recycled, just not at Cohen. 

Time for Spring Cleaning? Think Scrappy

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to make some decisions about your stuff. The sustainability movement is inspiring people to take a closer look at their use & disposal habits and find both creative and practical ways to extend the life of their belongings.

Get Charged Up About Recycling Household Electronics

old electronics scattered

Can you plug it in? Does it run on batteries? Does it use a charger? Answer “yes” to any of these questions for household electronics and you’ve got something recyclable on your hands. It’s important to recycle these appliances, devices and tools.