You Need Scrap Management. Now What?

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Why is custom scrap management beneficial?

For enterprises that generate scrap continuously, custom scrap management is a necessity. At IHS Metal Recycling, we’ve been creating innovative scrapping solutions for hundreds of businesses for nearly a century.


Industrial scrap management programs and recycling partnerships can enhance your company’s efficiency.

Scrap generation is a daily reality at many facilities, a natural byproduct of the business. A proper disposal system will prevent scrap from piling up in your workspace and impacting your production. It also means less time managing the scrap yourself – one less thing to worry about.


Scrap management eliminates outsourcing and other extra steps, delivering more value in the process.

If you have a unique production situation that doesn’t quite fit with standard solutions, or your scrap partner’s container pickup and delivery record is spotty, that can hurt the efficiency of your entire production line. Your recycling partner shouldn’t be the cause of unnecessary delays or downtime. IHS Metal Recycling maintains its own fabrication shop, and our transportation fleet is equipped with the best in onboard dispatch and navigation technology to ensure reliable, on-time service every time.


IHS Metal Recycling’s Scrap Management Process

1 – Contact IHS Metal Recycling for scrap management. A representative from our commercial team will collect your company’s information. The details you might need to have prepared are:

  • What types of materials you have for recycling
  • The volume of recyclable material your company generates
  • What kind of container you’ll need
  • Where you store your recyclable materials

2 – A IHS Metal Recycling consultant will be assigned to your company based on your location and the types of materials you’ll be recycling.

3 – Your consultant will reach out and schedule a visit to the company

4 – During the visit, they’ll start generating a quote and formulating a blueprint for successful long-term scrap management.

5 – We’ll continually revisit this plan to keep your scrap management program updated with new insights & recommendations.

Consultants at IHS Metal Recycling will collaborate with you on an ongoing basis to continuously optimize your system. We’ve seen all kinds of setups and situations in our history in this business and can quickly assess and make recommendations that suit you to a T, even as your business needs change.

Scrap management requires heavy lifting. Request a consultation here and let the consultants at IHS Metal Recycling craft a custom system that will do the heavy lifting for you.