electronics recycling

Our 500HP state-of-the-art shredding and downstream system produces high-value smelter-ready e-scrap.


Cohen sells straight truckloads of the brass and bronze we process to mills, foundries, and refineries worldwide.

Stainless & Alloys

Cohen has developed unique and advanced techniques for analyzing, processing, and blending steel.


Cohen maintains a full range of copper recycling capabilities, specializing in upgraded #2 copper and high-density briquettes.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Cohen sells different grades and forms of non-ferrous metal for mill and foundry, including aluminum and a number of specialty products.

Ferrous Metals

Including but not limited to Busheling; Production Bundles; #1, #1.5, and #2 bundles; #1 and # 2 Heavy Melt; Plate and Structural; Mixed Cast; Auto Cast; and Steel Turnings.