residential & commercial Recycling

paved roads, certified scales, & competitive prices.

When You Arrive

If your scrap metal fits into your trunk

  1. Pull into our convenient drive-thru where our friendly staff will help you unload and direct you throughout the process.
  2. Your scrap will be weighed on our certified scales that are clearly marked for full transparency. You’ll receive a ticket that itemizes your scrap metal and weights.
  3. Take your ticket and a valid state ID to the cashier window to receive payment via cash or check.


If your truck bed or trailer is full of scrap metal

  1. Drive directly onto the scale to get your heavy weight and wait for our friendly staff to direct you where to unload the scrap metal.
  2. Unload your scrap metal, then drive back onto the scale to get your light weight. The difference in the two weights is the net weight of your scrap metal.
  3. Park and visit the cashier window with a valid state ID to receive payment via cash or check.


Scrap metal prices change frequently based on the market and other external conditions. It’s best to call in advance to make sure you have the most current prices. Just like your local gas station price changes based on the oil market, so do scrap metal prices. IHS Metal Recycling is not responsible for third party pricing information such as iScrap App. Third parties to do not have real-time pricing and often reflect outdated information.


Many of us have scrap metal but don’t realize our assumed “trash” actually contains valuable metal that can be recycled for cash. Whether you’re cleaning out your garage, remodeling your house, or tossing old appliances to the curb, you can recycle these metal containing items at one of our locations. Below is a list of some common household items.

  1. Steel and iron: shelving, appliances, car parts, etc.
  2. Aluminum: pop cans, siding, gutters, etc.
  3. Copper: electrical wires and cable, plumbing pipes, etc.
  4. Brass: door handles, light and bathroom fixtures, etc.


Sorting your scrap metal by type can help you earn even more money, but it isn’t necessary. There are two main categories of scrap metal: ferrous and non-ferrous. If your scrap metal holds to a magnet, it’s ferrous. If it doesn’t, it’s non-ferrous.


According to Ohio State law, all customers must be 18 years or older and present a valid state issued photo ID to the cashier before receiving payment. 


We cannot accept any kind of sealed containers that are under pressure, such as fire extinguishers, propane tanks, gas cylinders, or aerosol cans. These items must be emptied, removed of all pressure, and cut in half in order for us to accept them. Also, we cannot accept TVs, LCD monitors, glass, tires, airbags, paint cans, radioactive materials, or any items that contain (or have contained) PCBs.


IHS Metal Recycling operates two Columbus, Ohio locations that feature paved drive-thrus, certified scales, and cutting-edge equipment to serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

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